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IQOQO provides a distributed batch computing service stripping away any need for DevOps/IT
personnel, thus, freeing developers, researchers, and data scientist to solely focus on their data.

Fully Managed

On-Prem Solutions

On-Prem Cloud

Fully managed solutions

IQOQO fully managed solution puts the jobs in the center; no more need to think about
instances and instance utilization. Our resource manager will scale up and down per your
jobs needs and leaves no instance forgotten.

On-Prem Solutions

Enhance your existing on-premise infrastructure with Iqoqo’s resource management solution.
Shorten compute cycles and reduce costs by harnessing your unutilized compute resources.

On-Prem Cloud Solutions

You can run on Amazon and Google at the same time. The agents and dispatchers are
installed on your cloud. In this solution, we only manage what you have and work around
that to make on-prem cloud solutions.

We are rethinking computing

Your work is complex but your computing doesn’t have to be.

1 month of FREE computing, on us!

Thats almost 720 hours of free compute
(Expires in 3 months after signing up)

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