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Rethinking Computing

How do you work – how would you like to work? IQOQO’s serverless technology helps our
users move faster with immediate scalability, upgrading and deployment.
IQOQO is distributed computing created to meet tomorrow’s needs.
Reducing dependency on DevOps frees up researchers, data scientists
and engineers to focus on their work today.

Our mission is to create shared
computing around three principles:

  1. Making the most by using what’s around us
    Why make more of something of which we already have enough? We want to use fewer
    of the earth’s precious resources and shared computing is one way of doing this.
    Using the untapped, worldwide resources in computing is recycling technology.
  2. Removing the complexity
    Keeping our service as simple and intuitive to use as humanly
    possible is a company goal. Why make things complicated when
    simplicity can be so beautiful?
  3. Platform as a Service
    Ensuring our users have access to the on demand
    software which revolutionizes their productivity.

Dr. Avi Barliya

Founder & Head of Product

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Avi recently founded IQOQO and is focused on building his team and product. His experiences span 15+ years of both academic and various industries. With his background that includes having a PhD in C.S., and mathematics, he has focused on compute intensive algorithms. In doing so, he came to the realization of the abundance of underutilized computing resources in the world. From this, IQOQO was born. He believes in a world where computing power can be not only more accessible and efficient, but also one where it helps to spawn the growth of new technologies and industries.

In his past, his research in human motor control helped lead to the development of the Kinect™ to better understand human movement in real time. He led the design and implementation of the control, navigation and guidance systems of the first Israeli spacecraft to land on the Moon. Prior to starting IQOQO, he co-founded a startup in the the self-driving industry, developing core technology for sensing and control of autonomous cars.

In his spare time, Avi’s passions involve water skiing and playing the piano.

Zohar Sacks

Head of technology at IQOQO

B.Sc in computer science and mathematic and M.A. in History and philosophy of science and ideas, both from Tel Aviv university

With over 20+ years of experience, Zohar was previously a system architect at Amdocs for the Linux foundation’s ONAP project, as well as CPO for Activepath (acquired by Broadridge).

He is passionate about technology with accomplishments span across many types of products and companies that include building and architecting solutions at scale mission critical product from ID to GAs. He’s also very passionate about building highly effective teams.

Zohar is excited to be a part of IQOQO because of the opportunity to build a highly technical product that has the potential to impact businesses and people, while revolutionizing cloud computing at a global scale.

His passions outside of building technology products include recording podcasts and performing in improvisational theater.

Shlomo Kraus

Head of R&D, IQOQO

Shlomo comes to iQOQO with 10+ years of experience, building and delivering products from ideation to production. In that time, he’s had a track record of leading technology efforts focused on the financial markets that include Citi’s Innovation Lab, and his own venture – Epistema, a company backed by Peter Thiel’s Mithri Capital Managementl and Slack, where he was CTO. The products he’s most passionate about building are ones that make an impact to organizations daily, such as the advanced trading infrastructure he’s build for Citi.

Shlomo is excited to be a part of IQOQO. His belief is that development is not just code, but also culture. Understanding what makes teams work in perfect collaboration, developing tools and methodologies for enhancing performances and building diverse and creative teams are some of the principles that guide my work in Iqoqo. They provide the foundation for our top mission: creating the technology of the future.

He graduated from Tel Aviv University with studies in both Philosophy and Literature

When he’s not building technology, he enjoys writing and publishing his articles to Israel’s largest media companies.

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